Wednesday, November 14, 2012

stylin'...Disney edition

Noonie really outdid herself making sweet sets for the littles to wear on our upcoming Disney means so much to me that they'll be wearing outfits made with lots of love by my mom. 

First up, this adorable princess skirt and matching Lulu wrap...
Now if you've been reading for any length of time then you know I'm not really into cartoon character clothing, but Grace spotted this pink princess fabric a mile a way on one of our trips to Hobby Lobby. Her little face just lit up.  There was no way I was going to say no, so 1 yard later we were the proud owners of some super cheesy fabric.........but her smile was totally worth it ;)

Waiting for their surprises from Noonie...
{Grace was NOT happy that Hudson was going first}
Ooooooooh, it's Mickey, Noonie!!
Noonie, there's Mickey and another Mickey and another Mickey and...
Such a fun alternative to the typical red/black/white/yellow mickey...
Grace's turn!  She was speechless!
Leave it to Noonie to turn that fabric into something be-au-ti-ful!!
A little Old Navy tee finished it off perfectly!
ThANk yOU, NooNIe!!
Grace & Hudson


Amber said...

Princess done right!!! I think even I could let Reese wear something character if it was this :) Grace will look adorable in it, and I am sure she will be smiling from ear to ear while wearing it! Hudson's outfit fit is super fun....loving the colors and plaid!

Amber said...

Oh and can I order a skirt from Noonie and a wrap from you :) R would love this to under the tree on Christmas morning :)

Heather L. said...

Love it all! You are so lucky to have such a talented Noonie!!!

Virginia said...

I'm so glad that the kids (and their Mom!) love their new outfits and will get to wear them at Disney! I'm looking forward to a lot of cute pictures!
Love, Mom/ Noonie

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