Saturday, November 10, 2012

monster mash + fall carnival

October was such a blur, but I'm thankful for all these pictures to remember EveRYthIng we jam packed into those short 4 1/2 weeks!!
Grace's Fall Carnival and Hudson's {Pig Out on Books} were on the SAME day at pretty much the SAME time so Lance and I shuffled back and forth between the two. Noonie saved us by staying with Grace and even manning our class booth while we attended Hudson's dinner and program. Thank you, Noonie!
Grace's teacher Ms. V and Savannah, one of Grace's sweet friends...
Savannah's mom did a great job transforming her into a zombie for the Monster Mash!!
Big {Hayden}and littles {Christian} alike loved our booth!
Love a good 'ole fashion cake walk!
{Grace won a chocolate cake - she was sooooooooo beyond excited!! he he}
Showing off her class pumpkin...
Getting ready for........
...The MoNsTer MaSH...flash mob style!
Love it!
Fun times while raising money for their school! Woo hoo!

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Anonymous said...

Great ideas here and Grace looks adorable in her Super Hero costume!