Thursday, January 6, 2011

Feliz Dia de los Reyes!

I grew up with the sweetest Spanish tradition...Los Reyes Magos (The Wise Men). You can read all about it HERE. I'm so glad that my mom is helping me pass this sweet tradition down to my littles.

So...on the eve of January 5th, Grace & Hudson set out to cut a little grass and fill their shoeboxes for the camels of the Wise Men, traveling through the night to meet baby Jesus...
They put their little boxes right by their beds... And in the morning of January 6th, Epiphany... The camels ate the grass {made a bit of a mess too, scattering grass every which way!} and the Wise Men left the littles a toy under each of their beds ;) But wait. The littles also filled up a third shoebox and sent it home with Noonie, so she could put it under her bed...and the Wise Men visited her house too! They left presents there too!

Princess puzzles for Grace...
And a hammer toy for Hudson! Thank you Noonie {for making sure the camels were well fed at your house, you know} :)
The littles loved their presents!
And in case you're wondering about Grace's outfit... Why, it was Rodeo Day at Preschool! Giddy up! Thank goodness for her halloween costume!

And it seems that the Wise Men were quite generous at Noonie's house this year. They left a little something for Lance and a little something for me too!Isn't it cute??? LVE it! Perfect for Valentine's!
Thank you Noonie! ...yes, for making sure the camels were well-fed and all ;)


Kelli said...

Oh my is your little gift cute or what!! I wonder where the Wise Men found it....Yes, it will look so cute with all the Valetine's Day stuff!

Jessica said...

Hi, Kelli! I asked my mom because I wanted a whole bunch more of them! he he he Yes, I can totally see them is a bunch of different heights and fun colors!! She said she got it at Hobby Lobby and that there were 2 different heights =)

Kelli said...

Thanks Jessica! I hear so many wonderful things about Hobby Lobby and am so sad they are not around here. I am really going to have to keep my eyes open for something like this!

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