Tuesday, February 12, 2013

mama, take my picture!

This doesn't happen often, so when they ask, I oblige!!! Even if it means we are 5 min. late getting out the door, but I digress...

Today, it was the little pumpkin that felt like being a ham. It may have had something to do with the fact I let her wear this twirly skirt she picked out ("It does have some Mardi Gras colors, you know...") instead of what I had in mind. And I even said, yes, to the sparkly "princess" shoes. Yes, even on a rainy day.

She had a little surprise she wanted to show me ("just because I love you, mama") in the form of little vinyl cling hearts. Love her sweet spirit!
Oh, she can be a hoot. I'm always telling her, "Stand up straight. Good posture is important." Today, the joke was on soon as she gave me the hearts, she went right back to our "picture spot" and stood like this:
Silly little pumpkin!!
And she alternated between silliness...
...and sassiness!
Oh, and just for fun, this was their conversation on the way to school yesterday...

Hudson (in his most excited little boy voice):  I see 1 port-a-potty!  I see 2 port-a-potties!!
Grace (in classic valley girl voice):  Eew, gross!  I once had to go in a port-a-potty... at preschool... on a field trip to a farm.  I made it out alive.  Never again.
Hudson: What did it smell like, Grace???!

I laughed soooo hard!!  Little boys are soooo funny!
Happy Mardi Gras, y'all!


manda said...

Google chrome is giving a malware warning for your sight. Something about todayscreativeblog ... I wasn't able to copy it unfortunately. Hopefully it's just my computer being a picky nut.

Jessica said...

Hi, Manda!
Thanks for the heads up!! I tried to test it a couple of different ways and even had a friend in Ohio do the same but neither one of us received the malaware warning. Had another reader say the same thing who uses Chrome, and then later tell me the message had gone away. Not sure if it's just a chrome thing or not (???).

I'm not familiar with todayscreativeblog, but I looked at their fb page and saw that they had had an issue with this type of malaware message.

Sure hope this is no longer a problem! :(((

Thanks for letting me know!