Thursday, February 7, 2013

spring is in the air...

...and these might just put a little extra skip and a hop her way!
Aren't they sweet?? My late-at-night phone pics don't do them justice. They're even cuter in person and she says they're comfy.
Just stumbled upon them yesterday at a local boutique while looking for a pair of cutesy tennis shoes she could use for PE. The brand is Madie Jane, just in case you're wondering. I had never heard of them before, but they are a small company out of Dallas. See more cuteness {here}.
This pic makes me laugh, but seriously, this is how I've been feeling this many more days 'till Friday?!?!
And one last this one of my two sweet littles. They may pick on each other and try to one up the other all the time, but they truly are best friends. The little pumpkin is fiercely protective of her little brother. I still remember her telling another child, "Don't talk to my little brother that way. You are hurting his feelings." I sure hope they always stay this close...
Did I mention I'm ready for the weekend??!?
Oh, I did...............*wink*


... said...

Oh those shoes are too cute!!! However, they stop at size 29. So, they won't fit Josie. Not to mention she can't wear mary janes to gym...even if they have tennis shoe bottoms. :(

tessie said...

Spring isn't in the air in Massachusetts! We are to get 2 to 3 feet of snow Friday into Saturday!
But the shoes are adorable.

Angel said...

Love the shoes! So stinkin cute :-)

Jennifer said...

Thank you for introducing me to this brand. They are adorable! There are no boutiques near me that carry them (I will be mentioning it to my local favorite stores) so I checked their website. They have a couple pairs that I am assuming are "last season" yet still super cute and clearanced to $13!