Sunday, August 11, 2013

Epcot...our last day! {Disney 2013 Part VIII}

We spent our last day at Epcot. Kind of nice to wind down after all the big crowds at Magic Kingdom! The littles loved taking the ferry boat from our resort to the park.
My friend Sara made the cute dress for Grace out of a vintage pillowcase I found on etsy...
Checking out the diver demo...the little pumpkin loved that it was a GIRL diver - ha!
Sharks! :O
Classic Epcot!
Fun in Mexico!
Wishing well!
Germany! Oooh, the salted caramels!!  Yummmm!
Beautiful gardens!
Japan is always a favorite.  They have some fun merchandise in their shop.  Caved and got this bag this time!!
Grace picked out this book so I could make her and Hudson fun lunches this year!
One final {gorgeous} ferry ride back to our hotel...
A rainbow!!! TWO rainbows!  Just for Noonie! She loooooves rainbows!!
The Boardwalk looks so pretty as you're coming in...
Looooove this!!
Hudson was not into pictures as we were coming back to our hotel, but the little pumpkin was all smiles! Good-bye, Epcot!
Later in our room, Hudson perked up at the thought of Mickey Mail!!
A little tickle fest always does the heart good...
Silly and funny and cute all at the same time!!
One last snooze and it was time to come home...
In the morning, that sneaky Mickey left the littles a little extra Mickey Mail to jump start their day!
Good-bye, Disney! Until next time!
My airplane buddy :)
We had such a fun time!!
THANK YOU Noonie for going with us...what a sweet treat!!

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