Monday, August 5, 2013

Hollywood Studios! {Disney 2013 Part III}

I think that after a couple of days hanging out at the hotel, the littles were more than ready to visit another park, so right after my conference was over, we headed to Hollywood Studios!
Quite possibly the only time I'll ever wear character clothing so we had to document it!!
Noonie was such a trooper! Especially after two and one-half days of wrangling littles!
The littles were super excited to ride the ferry to the park instead of the shuttle bus!
The view of our hotel from the ferry pretty! {and by the way most of these Disney pics are all phone pics...almost too hard to work the big camera and keep up with the littles!}
Off we go!
Hollywood Studios!
We headed straight to Toy Story Mania to get fast passes and then to Hudson's long awaited favorite Disney ride....Star Tours!
One excited little boy!
I think after this ride was over his birthday was finally complete! :)
Lovin' every minute of it!
We decided to stop and watch a little segment of this and that is where our adventure began! I'm saving all of those pictures for a post of their own!!
Last November we didn't get to ride Toy Story Mania because the lines were so long and the fast passes were all gone, so this time we made sure to prioritize this one and it didn't disappoint! We didn't wait very long, but I *almost* wish we could have waited a little longer because it was so pretty inside!
And so super fun too!!
We did some walking...
And waiting...
And riding...
And posing...
And climbing...
And more grumpy posing...
And finally eating! Mama Melrose's...a fave!
Our waiter surprised Hudson with a super cute chef's hat and his very own birthday ice cream!
After Mama Melrose's we headed to Beauty and the Beast - looooove this one!
Sweetest expression! Made it all worthwhile!
We caught this Disney Jr. show while we were waiting for the Padawan training and the littles ended up lovin' it!
Every single time I said "let's take a picture" a little someone went into one of her "fancy" poses - he he he.
As we were about to leave the park, we came across this dance party...
Some of us "feel" the music, you know what I mean?
And then there are others of us that have their very own unique moves - ha!
Fun times at Hollywood Studios!
Some fun surprises back at our hotel via Mickey Mail...
But seeing this little guy light up with Star Wars, the Padawan training, and when picking out this little lovie nicknaed "Ewie" made it a day to remember!!


Carrie said...

I love Hudson's outfit! I was told to get the Toy Story fast pass first thing and I was glad I did, because they were giving out Fast Passes for 2:30pm and I went straight there after the park opened! Such a cute ride so I can see why they sell out so quickly!

Unknown said...

awwwww love seeing all the pics! disney is soooooo much fun!