Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Padawan Training {Disney 2013 Part IV}

This was probably...nah, make that absolutely, positively, without a doubt my favorite memory from our Disney trip this year...the littles becoming Jedis right before my very eyes!
Now, here's my disclosure...I know very little about Star Wars. There, I said it. I know the main characters but that's about it. And I actually get those confused all the times sometimes. 

But there was something about seeing how excited these two were that just made my heart leap out of my chest. Yes folks, over Star Wars. I kno-oow! They don't stand a chance at their weddings.
Which immediately makes me think of waterworks...and then a Kleenex...and then this silly joke our driver told us on the way to the airport..."How do you make a tissue dance?"...."Put a little boogie in it!" Geez...I'm all over the place tonight. And that's because I'm blogging from {Seaside}! My newfound happy place. More on that next week :)
So let me back-up for a minute. It all started when we got through riding {Star Tours} earlier in the day. The littles caught the end of one of the trainings, fell in love with it and wanted to do it. 

I had already been forewarned from our experience last year that if you want to have a chance to do the training you have to go early in the morning right after the park opens and sign up, so I was sure we'd missed our chance.  But I decided to go check it out anyway. 

Well, lo and behold, they still had a couple of spots at the very last training of the 8:00 p.m. I was sure we weren't going to make that since it was so late, but decided to go ahead and sign them up on the very slim chance we were up for it after our day of fun. 

We were still going strong at 7:30p so we made our way to the studio to get outfitted for the part...
Transforming into a Jedi...
Someone was extra giddy!
I wonder what they were discussing...
Hmmmmmm...what have I gotten myself into??
Summoning the force...
Here we go!
Getting announced to the crowd...
Finding his official spot...right up front!
In awe...
Receiving his lightsaber...
Turns out a certain little Jedi was quite the ham...
Meanwhile...a certain other Jedi decided to reposition her headband to a more, shall we say, Star Wars-ish look?
Receiving final instructions...
You are ready, young Jedi Hudson. Ready you are.
All of a sudden the Jedis were rushed to the side and then...
{cue special music}
Oh no, it's Darth Vader!!!

The challenge...
Jedi Grace battling brave!
Jedi Hudson going head to head with the Dark Side... {now notice Hudson's aim...and his height...then scroll back up a couple of pics and pay attention to Darth Vader's costume. yep, good thing!}
So proud of himself! Love his sweet smile!
But then...the storm troopers came after him {and only him}!!!  Good thing his trainer was quick and taught him how to use the force to push them back!
It worked!!
Darth Vader was not satisfied by the individual challenges so he came after the group of young Jedis!!!
But they used the force to defeat him once and for all!
After receiving their official Padawan training completion certificates, these two were quite the pair!
Showing me his moves one last time...
Dear Hudson,
I hope this was a super fun belated birthday experience that you'll remember for many years to come!
Daddy and I love you and your Jedi sister Grace very, very much!
XOXO, Mama