Monday, August 12, 2013


1st Grade....How does that even seem possible???!! I'm so far behind on posting but I just had to pop in really quick and share these sweet pics of the little pumpkin on her first day of first grade...
The night very excited. She told me she was sure she would NOT be able to fall asleep...he he...I remember those days!
Our theme...
Feeling a bit of morning jitters...
Do I *HAVE* to hold the sign???
More "mama made me do it" pics...
"1st Grade"
But then some real smiles came out...
When I grow up I want to be.....Hmmmmmm....
A baker AND a rockstar!!!
And she might indeed become a baker - who knows??! Later after school, she and Hudson were playing restaurant. He asked her for her most popular dessert and she offered him a "mixed berry tart with hand-whipped cream and shaved chocolate swirls". I can't wait to eat at your restaurant or bakery, Grace!
Trying hard to keep a straight face...she had the giggles!
There's that sweet and silly little pumpkin that I love so much!
And there's still a little bit of "baby" in there, isn't there??
With Mama & Daddy...
Ready to go!
All of her lunch requests for the first day...cantaloupe, baby carrots, turkey, "just a tiny bit of cheese", "one of those wafery chocolatey cookies"...and I couldn't help myself so I added the schoolhouse bread :)
{by the way, we are LOVING this planet box lunchbox - thank you, Noonie!}
A sweet moment before heading out the door... {He asked about her ALL day long! He sure missed his big sis.}
Right after she spotted her BFF Savannah...sweet girls!
And they're off! 
Bye mama!
My big first grader!! *tear*
And just so we can get the boo-hooing all out at one time...

My sweet dear Grace,
I hope you have the best first grade year ever! I pray that God will shine through you in your interactions with everyone you meet.  I pray that you will be kind to everyone and that God will continue to help you form sweet, godly friendships.  May you continue to reach out to those in need as we've watched you do in the past.  I pray for your teachers to see the beautiful shining spark inside of you and help you learn and grow to become the best that you can be.  I pray for you to always be respectful of your teachers and appreciative of everything they do to help you learn. Keep God in your heart and He will ALWAYS guide the way.
We love you to pieces,
Mama, Daddy and Hudson


Kimberley said...

such a sweet post, and looks like you made her day so special!

Cupcakes and Lemonade said...

She looks so excited! Preslee and Mason start first grade on the 26th and I am dying. I have one more year before Finley heads to kindergarten and then I am going to be a real mess!

Unknown said...

what a sweetie!!! Love these pictures!! And the outfits! :)

Angel said...

Sweet pics and adorable dress. I've been following your blog for the last 2 years and my how Grace has grown.
My little one is just starting Pre-K this year so I can't even imagine 1st grade. Love the little school house bread, so cute! :-)

Unknown said...

My lil one started 1st grade last week!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh :) btw you've gotten me hooked on those L&L's!! they are pricey but ohhhh so comfy. I got pink, and yellow petals along with a pair of silver minnies! It's my latest addiction. Now i need to hunt down red :) i don't see this ending lol Wishing grace an amazing year!

AnnabelsMama said...

I always love to see your sweet pics. Been following your blog for a few years now. However, tonight I felt inclined to write and tell you that the letter you wrote to/for your daughter was so precious and uplifting. You are one inspirational Mama.
Kindly- Courtney

Jessica said...

You are all precious to me! Thank you for always leaving such sweet comments - I know I'm slow to respond but I do read every single one and it really means so much. Thank you!!

Laura~I can't imagine Finley going off to kindie next year!! Such a big girl!!!

Angel~ Grace has definitely had a growth spurt!!

Jay Jay~ Aren't they the best??! LOVE L&L's!

THANK YOU, Courtney! I hope one day she'll read these notes and get a little glimpse at what she was like "growing up" and what it looked like from her mama's perspective.


cheska bringas said...

love the pictures! and if you don't mind me asking where did you get her adorable outfits? and her backpack too? thanks :)