Thursday, August 8, 2013

our very own Jake {Disney 2013 Part V}

Going back and filling these in...mainly for our own scrapbook. I haven't done a very good job of keeping up lately!!

Dressed in their Mickey Best and ready to take on another day at Magic Kingdom...
Disney can be exhausting but my mom was such a trooper - thank you Noonie for always being a ray of sunshine!
Seeing the castle never gets old!
When I found out we were going back to Disney I knew I wanted the littles to have a chance to do the makeovers they enjoyed so much last year. This time we decided to book them early in the day so they could enjoy them!
Disney Tip:  if you book a 9:00 a.m. makeover appointment, you can arrive at the turnstiles by 8:30 a.m. and they let you INSIDE the park before the gates open to everyone else!!  You can get FABULOUS pictures in front of the castle without the normal crowd!!
After going back and forth, Hudson decided he wanted to be Jake from {Jake and the Neverland Pirates} and as luck would have it, Hudson had Ms. Hannah again!! She is fABuLoUS!!! If there is a way to request someone at the Pirate's League, Hannah is your go-to girl!!
Oh, those eyebrows!!!!!!!
And that HAIR!!!
Acting tough with Ms. Hannah...
Taking the pirates' oath...
Ready to go check out the Secret Room...
Handsome pirate! Arrrrgh!
Love the Pirate's League!
Hope you had a super fun time, Hudson...I mean Jake!!
Since we were in Adventureland already, we decided to check things out and go on a few rides before going to Grace's makeover appointment...
Last year we waited over an hour to meet the fairies. This year we walked right in!! No wait - woo hoo!
Hi there, Tink!
And then it was time for a certain little pumpkin to transform into a princess...stay tuned!


Myra said...

LOVE your Disney posts! :)

Misty said...

Long time reader, but first time commenting. Love the Disney posts. Can you tell me what you used for autograph books? We're going in December and looking for ideas.

Also, I meant to mention awhile back, I had posted some petals on the livie & luca Facebook page and you commented on them. I think comment was that you wished they were a different size. If I remember right, they were petals from art fair. I meant to comment..hey, I read your blog. Love seeing you daughter in mj!