Monday, April 28, 2014

dance jars...easter treats...firefighters...another tooth...whew!

Bunch of random phone pics! 

1. Dance
The little pumpkin L O V E S to dance! These pics are from a couple of weeks ago when we took recital pics...sharing now in honor of National Dance Week {2014}.
Best friends!
Natalie, Grace, and dance buddies!
2. Love Jars 
This year we did primarily school-wide {Teacher Appreciation} activities, as well as gift cards, but we still wanted to do something a little more personal to let our teachers know how much we love them. Enter the Love Jars. My friend Angela shared this great idea with me and I think it turned out so cute!
I did it twice. Actually 3 jars...Grace's homeroom teacher and both of Hudson's teachers.
I added chocolate bunnies and Easter paper grass to Hudson's teachers' jars because we gave them their jars the week of Easter, but basically, we just had each child in the class write/tell us what they love most about their teachers. Oh, the things that little ones notice!!!! Some were hilarious {"I love that she changes her clothes but always wears the same coat"} and others were just so sweet and heartfelt, like this one from Hudson's buddy Luke for Mrs. P...
3. Easter Treats
There is just something so sweet about Easter treats. The littles gave these to Noonie and Papa J at church on Easter Sunday...
Grace took this egg to her teacher just before Easter...
As parents I know we always try to instill good values in our children and I love getting my littles involved in spreading joy through small, random acts of kindness. Their little smiles make my heart sing!
4. Class Treats
Speaking of treats. My friend Emme brought the cutest treats for our class!! Her middle son Noah and Grace are in the same class. We have such a wonderful group this year! Thank you, Emme!!
5. Family Night
The azaleas were in bloom a couple of weeks ago so we made a mad dash on a Friday to snap {these} pics and then it just worked out that we decided to stop for {yummy, messy, what was I thinking letting them eat in these clothes!} subs at Firehouse Subs and then made it a family night with story time at Barnes & Noble.
Someone kinda loved his hat...
Adding a leaf to the I still have my hat??? Check!
A little girl bonding while brother enjoyed the story...
But who am I kidding, we only stayed for the mini strawberry creme fraps - ha!!
6. Tooth Fairy
Grace lost another tooth!! At school this time!! That calls for a special after school treat!
Her note to Isabella, the Tooth Fairy, was too cute not to share!!
Isabella came through in a big way with a My Little Pony instead of a dollar bill! {I'm thinking Isabella must have a gift closet, and be running low on change, don't you think??}
7. Dance Moves
And since we started with 'Dance', let's end it with the same, shall we?
Yep, Hudson has some unique dance moves of his own!
This picture is the result of those dance moves above and a little someone who had mama's phone at the time...
Oh, in all seriousness, I do hope they remember the silly, spontaneous moments and not the times when mama & daddy lose their patience and yell. We are all works in progress. Be kind to yourself and others today.