Monday, May 12, 2014

mother's day!

It was bittersweet this year. I was excited to celebrate with my beautiful mom and the sweet littles that made me a mama, but at the same time, was missing my grandma like crazy. I broke down while shopping for cards when I realized that for the first time I wouldn't be picking one out for her. When my mom texted me to tell me the very same thing had happened to her, I realized this grief thing is full of ups and downs at the most unexpected times. But we press on knowing she must have had a beautiful first mother's day in heaven. Oh what joy that must be! 

I know Mother's Day is a tough day for so many and my heart aches for you. I hope you felt the prayers of so many lifted up for you today. 

We started our day by going to Mass together and then Noonie and I were treated to a delicious picnic by Lance and Papa J. Our 4th annual Mother's Day Picnic - love this little tradition!
My dear mom ~ the most beautiful woman, inside and out.
Our little family...
Our chefs!.........and their supervisor - ha!
So much yumminess!
Noonie and Papa J!
The littles loved making these cards for Noonie and Mimi...
Noonie loved her quilt - yay!
I loved opening the sweet cards the littles made me!!
Grace gave me an early Mother's Day gift right after her art lesson on Saturday. LOVE!!
Free spirit...
I love, love, love our annual picnic! Thank you Lance and Papa J!!!
After going home for quick naps for ALL of us, we headed to Mimi & Pop's house. My stepbrother surprised me by calling - made my day! Love you, Ace!

Mimi loved her wreath - yeah!!
And her sweet card too!
It was a beautiful day spent with loved ones - I wouldn't trade it for the world!  Happy Mother's Day to all my fellow moms!


Laura T. said...

It looks like you had a lovely day! It also looks like you have 2 budding artists in the family!
I just LOVE the flower picture that Grace made! That would look great hanging on the wall! It looks like something I would have bought on Etsy to put in my house! Beautiful!

CaSandra said...

As usual I loved all of your pictures; you and the littles sitting on the quilt at your picnic is my FAVORITE! You are ** TOTALLY ** a Mother worth celebrating!