Monday, January 19, 2015

Whale of the Week!

Hudson was Whale of the Week last week and he was so excited!! He's been patiently waiting his turn and finally F I N A L L Y it was here! 

On Friday he got to bring home Willow the Whale and her accompanying journal. Willow went everywhere with us over the weekend. First stop...the Lego aisle at Target while we were grocery shopping. This boy and his Legos. A love affair, I tell ya!
Hudson's Papaw gave him a gift card to Toys-R-Us for Christmas and he's been dying to go ever since. We don't go to TRU very often so this was a treat for him.
Later that day, he and Grace built a fort and Willow camped out with them. Fun times!
Willow even joined us for Family Game Night! Hudson is all about the table games - so cute! He calls Scrabble "scramble" - melts my heart every time. The 3 Wise Men brought the littles some new ones and we had fun checking them out...this one is Nab It! 
On Sunday, Willow went with us to church and lunch.  "Do I have to smile??"
Our church was still decorated for Christmas - we keep it up until after Epiphany.  I snuck in during our Sunday School time and took a picture - it looked so beautiful and peaceful!  The littles love walking past the Nativity on the right side. 
Willow even helped Hudson with his Wave Poster and journal entry...
Hudson was so excited to go to school on Monday and give his report.
As Whale of the Week, he had the special privilege of napping on top or below the loft in his class. Halfway through the week he told me he was bummed that he doesn't get to nap (he gets pulled out for the Gateway gifted class during the regular kindergarten nap time). Only time he's ever said that about napping - ha! I realized it was because of the loft, but his sweet teacher let him spend some time on the loft outside of nap time and he had the BIGGEST smile on his face! It's the little things for sure!!

There were only 2 things on Hudson's Christmas wish list...Legos and a pair of camo pants. This week he got to wear them for the first time. Whale of the Week and Camo Pants...pretty sure he was walking on Cloud 9!
Way to go, Hudson!! You are one awesome Whale Kid and we are proud of you!