Friday, June 27, 2008

"Elmo, Snack"

To say Grace loves Elmo would be an understatement! Her little red furry friend is a constant companion. She wants her Elmo books read over and over and over...She carries him everywhere. She looks for Elmo on her diapers ("Ernay" (ernie) is a close second). She wants to take a bath with her Elmo mat (non skid bath mat). You get the picture. Funny thing is, she's never watched Sesame Street! And until this past week, she had never seen an Elmo movie - I guess the little guy has his own appeal of sorts, at least to a 1 year old!

So you can imagine how I laughed when I walked in on this little scene. We had been watching the rain from our bedroom window and I stepped out of the room for a couple of minutes to get something. When I walked back, this is what I saw:

You hungry, Elmo? I got just what you need! Open wide! This works much better!!! Just a few more to make sure you don't go hungry. The "I just got caught" look! Mama: Grace, whatcha doing?
Grace: Elmo, snack.
Mama (laughing): Great job sharing, pumpkin!

Mama's sweet pumpkin! I'm so happy I still had my finger on the shoot button as Grace came running toward me!!!

And lastly, my little tornado!
(this is what happens when mama goes into the kitchen for a few minutes :) Who cares about the mess - she's having so much fun!!!!!


Anonymous said...

The first of many, many tea parties! Oh how she shares! What a sweet little lady!

Jessica said...

Ooooo Amanda!!! I never thought of it as a tea party - too cute :) Thanks for the perspective! Okay, I'm off to right it down in her baby book :)