Friday, June 6, 2008

Hippie Baby

I'm in love with how this little kerchief looks on Grace!!! Surprisingly, she left it on for quite some time! Seeing Grace wearing the kerchief reminds me of pictures of my mom when she was in her 20's - she had lots of kerchiefs and jackie O type sunglasses and she looked so hip! So here are some blast-from-the-past inspired photos from this morning. The first one is just a sweet one - Grace was in awe of a vintage brooch I let her see. Digging through stuff in the closet She found these wellies that are like two sizes too big, but she wanted to wear them, so I let her! Grace loves Elmo And now for some silly ones...
Playing behind the curtains - a favorite game that gets the giggles going! "Which one can I make the most noise with?" Mama, I'm coming to get you!!! Gotcha!

1 comment:

Virginia said...

I love the "Mama, I'm coming to get you picture".
Jessica: you always dress her so adorable !
Love, Noonie