Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Noonie, I missed you!

Noonie went on a week long trip to PR, to visit my grandma (her mom) for her 84th birthday. We all missed her, but especially Grace. Friday morning when I asked Grace, "do you know what today is?" expecting her to say "Gymbo" in reference to Gymboree, she said, "Noonie" with a look of anticipation and longing. So when Monday rolled around and it was time to pick Noonie up at the airport, we made a little welcome sign to let her know how happy we were to see her. Grace loves to "cogu" (color with crayons - albeit if just dots) and "paint" (use markers) so she was super excited about the welcome sign.

As soon as I spotted Noonie at the terminal, I handed Grace the sign and told her, "look who's here!!!" Oh, it was priceless! She was so excited and started running toward Noonie, sign in hand, yelling, "Noonie, Noonie, Noonie" until Noonie scooped her up in her arms. Me being the sappy person that I am, I even had a few little tears of joy seeing them together. I wasn't the only one, even other travelers stopped to look and smile at the love between grandma and child!

I missed you, I'm so glad you're home! Here, I made this just for you. Do you like it? Did you miss me? When we dropped off Noonie, Grace just wanted to play and hang out outside with Noonie.
Catch me if you can! Checking out some of the neighbor's flowers. Check out her hand in response to my "be gentle, Grace". She was so careful when touching the flowers! I just love how toddlers squat so check things out. It is just the cutest!!! Grace was so excited with the cow toy Noonie brought her! Here's Grace checking out her new Moo Cow flashlight.

Welcome home, Noonie! We missed you!!


Virginia said...

Oh, my sweet Grace, it was priceless to see your excitement when you spotted me at the airport and to see you running towards me saying "Noonie, Noonie,Noonie !!!"
My heart feels so full of love for you, eapecially when you put your little arms around my neck and give me some "love". I missed you soooo much !!! Everyone in P.R. sends you lots of love and kisses.
Tata looked at your pictures a lot,talked to them and even gave them kisses !
I will treasure the welcome sign that you made for me... the first one with your own "handwriting" !
I love you and your Mommy with all my heart !!!!

Jenn said...

Such a sweet post! I LOVE the shot of your Mom and Grace walking with the sun shining on them...that is just priceless!!! You are so lucky to have your Mom so close!!

take a bow Jenn

Jessica said...

Thanks, Jenn! I am so very lucky to have her nearby. I love seeing the two of them together!
I've been checking out your blog and I love all the updates and sweet photos of Sam!