Friday, January 30, 2009


What do these things have in common, you ask? Cupcake by Kooky Culinary Give up yet??????

Answer: My recent conversation with Grace!

Goes like this:

Mama: "Grace, you're going to be 2 really, really soon! What kind of birthday party do you want to have, pumpkin?"
Grace: "Old McDonald Elmo birthday party with pumpkins!!!!!!!!!!!"
Mama: "Okie dokie, pumpkin, your birthday is in March, how about 2 out of 3?"

So knowing how much Grace loves animals we were able to scope out a local farm that could accomodate our birthday request. We went out to check it out a couple of weeks back and Grace got SO excited - she talked about it for days, "And there was a duck, and a pig, and a joey (yes, they even have a baby kangaroo!), and an ELEPHANT!! (not sure where this came from - no elephant, although they do have a zebra and a camel???)". They even have a cow print mini choo-choo for the kids to take a little ride through the farm and will let the kids feed and pet some of the baby animals - can't wait to see Grace's reaction!

So there it is, we're having an Old McDonald Barnyard Bash Birthday Party (and I'm sure we can squeeze in some cupcakes of her beloved furry red friend somewhere in there :)!


Meandmyboys said...

Oh that sounds like so much fun! We are having a monkey/jungle theme for Marshall's party. I can't believe how old they are all getting..can't wait to see pictures of Grace on the farm ;)

Jessica said...

SO wish you guys were closer - I would love to have the boys join us on the farm and would so love to come to Marshall's monkey jungle!! Can't believe he's already about to turn 1!!!!!! I have seen some CUTE monkey/jungle stuff out there :)

Courtney said...

Fun Fun!!
Love the clothes you bought for yourself!
Have you seeen the lime green smocked zebra dress from Bumble Boutique? Cute. I just ordered it for Molly.
How's the nursery coming?

Jessica said...

Hi, Courtney,
That zebra dress is too cute - Molly will look adorable!!

We've done NOTHING with Hudson's nursery - sad, I know, but I just haven't found anything that I love, although we haven't really looked that much lately. 'Been concentrating on Grace's big girl room these past couple of weeks, so we can get her in there in the next month and then full speed ahead on Hudson's!!