Friday, January 9, 2009

Valentine Party for the Pint Sized Set

Cute, cute, cute dress from HarmonyWear on Etsy!

Since I feel like I'm starting to get a little bit of my energy back (yeaaaaa!) I decided to plan a mini Valentine Party/Play Date for a few of Grace's little girly friends the week of Valentine's Day. Hmmmm...maybe it's just an excuse to set up a sweet table, make some yummy pink treats and come up with creative activities??? Excuse or not I'm excited as is Grace as she keeps telling me "pink hearts pretty"! All in all we'll have three little girls 5 and under, two of their little brothers who are both about 18 mo. and I figured could play together while the girls did girly stuff, and Grace - so 6 kiddos altogether. Now that I think about it, other than our 4th of July party this may be Grace's biggest playdate yet! Hopefully not too many tears or squabbles ***fingers crossed***.

So I think the whole idea started when my friend Michelle told me about these cute owl plates from Target. I love little owls so of course I had to go check them out and they were indeed too cute for words, as were the matching placemats and sparkly cups (Grace's favorite). Next came these little princess wand making kits I spotted on clearance at Michael's for $1.49!! And I also picked up some 99c foam hearts for the girls to decorate with stickers, glitter and what not. And of course we'll make some cute cupcakes and decorate them with not just sprinkle hearts, but "shiny sprinkle hearts" as Grace pointed out to me :) So far the table is looking pretty cute, I think! And yes, it is set even though Valentine's is still a month away (I had to do a trial run since I like to visualize the whole thing :) I got the turtle plates for the two little brothers and their sparkly cups have dinosaurs instead of girly owls and hearts, and I figured all the kiddos could take home their plates, cups, and mats as party favors so clean up should be a breeze! I'm thinking about getting the boys (or even making some) king crowns like these from StoriaHome on Etsy, but I'm not sure if they're too girly or not??? All this boy stuff is new to me, but so far it's pretty fun! So if you have little boys in your life tell me what you think, crowns or not?

And totally unrelated to the party, but I found this sweet little swimsuit the other day at one of our local shoppes and just had to get it for Grace (yes, totally broke my New Year's resolution of "less shopping" BUT I did resist the matching flip flops and terry cover-up :). I know it'll be a while until Summer, but maybe I'll even stick it in her valentine basket since it's pink and red and just so darn cute :) So have fun planning your own Valentine's Day (or hallmark holiday as Lance calls it), whether romantic for the grown-ups or just plain cute for the wee ones :)


Meandmyboys said...

What a fun party idea! Everything is so cute, they will have such a good time. I think the crown is really cute, that being said, I know Emerson would only wear it for about 2 minutes before taking it off and trying to pull off the ribbon and glitter. He's just not as gentle as the little girls we've played with. Have fun!

Jessica said...

Thanks, Heather! I was wondering about that!!

Courtney said...

Love it all! I wish we still lived in Shreveport so we could come to Grace's fun playdates!! Everything
looks adorable!! The swimsuit is precious! Oh, and don't you just love the owl plates. Molly is already dining off one of her own!
Have a good weekend!

Amanda said...

everyting looks so cute, no I think the crowns would be great for the little boys, my boys would love them! the blogs strawberries and was wondering where the dolly came ffrom in your xmas pics?

Jessica said...

Hi, Amanda,
I think I've visited your blog before (from Molly's Mom) :) Thanks for the thought on the crowns! The super sweet dollie was made by Angel from TaDa Creations. She's such a nice person and has amazing designs for little girls. I don't know if she's making the dolls for sale or not, but you can check with her through her blog (see my sidebar). Thanks for stopping by,