Thursday, September 24, 2009

Changing Seasons...Falling Leaves

I love Autumn. Everything about it. The leaves, the colors, the sweaters, corduroy, the pumpkins, the apples, the county fairs, the decorations...aahh. Oh, wait - down here in the south, we don't really have Autumn. It's still 70+ degrees and we can still wear sleeveless dresses and sandals. But I can dream right?

So anyhow, the Craft Fairy put together a little project for the little pumpkin to learn about changing seasons and nature...until we can visit some places where we can soak in the real thing. Oh, and you're wondering about the fairy right? Not really you say, but I'll tell you anyway :)

Grace loves projects. Mama loves good naps and steady nighttime sleep. So I **sometimes** tell Grace that the Craft Fairy can't drop off fun projects for us to do unless she (Grace) takes a good long nap/sleeps all night because the fairy likes for the projects to be a surprise. Works like magic, no pun intended.

Checking out the new project which she nicknamed Treetop Project :) Inspecting each leaf one by one.
All the leaves had to be spread out...and don't you love that "cheese" smile too? :O Then each leaf had to be sloooooowly put into its own little stack. Glue! Disappearing glue at that. Let the fun begin! You must select your leaves very carefully. Then talk about placing "the little baby leaves next to the mama leaves so they'll be safe and cozy" (I love hearing her thoughts during our projects). And don't you like our new "crafting spot"? :) We even take fun breaks like this: Then we're back at work, concentrating more than ever. Before finishing up our least for the day...because sometimes our little bruder needs a little break too :) But that's okay 'cause we come back the next day and add a little friend** to our Treetop. **Sometimes mama's, I mean the craft fairy's, hand-cut pieces end up looking a little spooky like this devilish owl...but that's okay, we later made cuter owls to send on their way...

And then we finish our project and indulge mama in taking one last picture before hanging up our masterpiece on our 'frigerator gallery. Love it, cheesy smiles and all!

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