Thursday, September 3, 2009

projects, projects everywhere!

I never never seem to find anything at our local JoAnn Fabrics, but a quick trip to JoAnn's yesterday yielded all kinds of fun stuff!

Found this cute fabric for some halloween lounge pants for Grace. I let her see it before purchasing since she's going through an I'm scared of bugs stage and I wasn't sure she would go for the silly dancing spiders, but she laughed and called them "girlie itsy bitsies" :) Found this CUTE mushroom fabric that I can't wait to see made into ruffly pants or maybe even a twirl skirt. And my favorite find was this book full of adorable projects. LOOOOOOOVE IT!!!!!! Can't wait to make the Square Bear shown on the cover. Isn't he adorable??!! I have such a weakness for softie dolls, especially those made with vintage patterns! And who am I kidding on the sewing? Moooooom, break out your machine - I've got projects for "us" to do :)


Virginia said...

Yes my designer, your seamstress is ready. Just kidding!!! I love to sew things for Grace and feel proud when she wears them. I need to tackle a sewing project for Hudson too. This will be the very first time that I sew for a boy. We'll see how it turns out. One thing I can assure you of: everything will be made with lots of love!

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