Friday, September 25, 2009

doctor's visit

I've officially lost my brain. As we were scurrying about trying to get out the door this morning, I wondered why when I scheduled Grace's flu shot appt. for 11 am today, I didn't remember I had already scheduled Hudson's 3 mo. check up for 9 am ?????? Only to show up at the doc's office at 9 am this morning and be told Hudson's appt. was not until NEXT Friday!!! Lucky for us, they went ahead and saw both of them at 9am. and we were out of there by 10am. Thank goodness for a flexible medical practice and only minor snickers from the sweet receptionist. Hudson's stats:
Weight: 14 lb. 1 oz. (75%)
Height: 24" (50%)
Head: 16" (75%)

He's a little chub with his round belly and head - he, he, little rollie pollie olie did great. He only cried a little bit with the fingerstick to check his hemoglobin. Overall an A+ check up. Grace was super brave when it was her time to get the flu shot. NOT EVEN A TEAR!! I guess all that talk about a pink band-aid and a pink lollie paid off :) And the shot must have made her tired because she took a 2 hr. 45 min. nap this afternoon. Lucky for me. Hudson was in need of a major cuddle session with mama and since the little pumpkin was snoozing away, the little guy and I took our very own 2 hr. nap!!!!! I'm not a napper, but this felt GREAT!!! Of course when I woke up, I felt guilty over the pile of laundry still waiting to be tackled...but still it was so worth it!

Off to the circus tomorrow morning...can't wait!!!

P.S. Grace is excited too :)