Friday, September 4, 2009

potty training boot camp

So this is it. THE weekend. No, not first-LSU-game-of-the-season weekend, No, not Matilda Jane Gypsy Blue launch weekend, but Official Potty Training weekend.

We've graduated from Potty Training 101, whereas two highly motivated parents introduce a brightly colored potty chair and some character training pants in the hopes that a cute, rounded belly little toddler will just love it so much to potty train all on her own.

We've graduated from Advanced Potty Training where Potty Power has pretty much been playing on a loop at the request of the cute PT101 graduate. Advanced PT should come with a warning for parents: Embarking on this course at the same time as Newborn Sleep 099 could have serious consequences, such as humming "Wipe your Bottom" and "No More Diapers for Me" while in line at the grocery check out.

We are now onto Potty Training Boot Camp, where the real deal (i.e. big girl panties - bgp's for short) have now been worn for one day. NOTE: bribes, ahem - I mean rewards, are perfectly acceptable at PT boot camp.

Armed with 12 pairs of Dora, Little Mermaid, and Pink Hearts bgp's along with these
(gotta love that $15 trip to the dollar store and all those little bits of wrapping remnants that have made even things like dinosaur capsules and silly string look cute) we are now making frequent trips to the Potty Reward Station. Only one load of laundry - not too bad for Day 1 of PT Boot Camp. I'll let you know when we graduate :)

Parenting...everything you thought you'd never experience in life imaginable!


Sweet P Preston said...

Best of luck with boot camp. I am sure Grace will graduate with flying colors. Especially with all the cute rewards.

Jessica said...

Thanks, Julie!! We need all the luck we can get!

Meandmyboys said...

Alright I'm dying to know how this went?! I think we may need to try this with Emerson, I think we've been a little to easy going with it and thus he'd just rather not stop playing to go potty it's easier for diapers...ugh! I bet Grace loved opening all those goodies!