Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rock Star

Aunt Jammie - this one's for you!

So I love the tradition my BFF Jammie (I'm feeling cool with that lingo...oh, wait - saying "cool" is not cool anymore :) has started with Grace and Hudson. She celebrates their 1/2 birthdays instead of their year ones. Pretty neat, right? We think so!

Here's the little pumpkin checking out her new purse, which we both love by the way!! And here she is very rock star like, don't you think? And a sweet one of the little pumpkin and my cute little butterball playing nice - I want to seal away moments like this in my mind forever... Thank you for Hudson's book and giraffe onesie too - SO CUTE!

Hugs from all of us to you and Xav in the big apple!

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