Wednesday, September 2, 2009

in the blink of an eye

For our project time we decided to decorate an owl face mask I found in the dollar section of JoAnn's. I had plans of breaking out the glitter glue and other fun stuff, but a certain little hungry bear had other plans for us :) so plain markers it was. Grace didn't seem to mind, she loves coloring with markers as opposed to her everyday crayons.

Going for the nose Adding a little (pink) rouge to his cheeks, of course! Cutest little owl out there! Love it! And then...

One minute we're doing this The next we're doing this Seems a certain little Picasso got carried away with the colors. And yes, mom, I guess it's payback for the time I used our wall as my life-size sketch pad. Lesson learned: don't leave a toddler unsupervised with colors...creativity knows no limits :)


Em said...

All it takes is one little teeny tiny second-it's like they're waiting for the moment!
My girls are always up to adding glitter to a previous project-maybe you could pull it out again and add onto it later in the week?

Virginia said...

"What goes around comes around", the saying goes...
I'm glad to see her cleaning it up
(just like you did!); it is a lesson well learned,(one of many to come).
Love, Mom

Jessica said...

Yes, indeed. I do think they're just sneaking around waiting for the moment! And thanks for the tip on adding the glitter later - so simple and perfect. Now, why didn't I think of that? :)

And mom, you are so right! One of many to come, I'm sure (for both of us!).