Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hudson - 4 months

Time is passing by way too fast. My sweet little guy turned 4 months a couple of days ago. He is one sweet baby. Loves to be held. So long as he's being held he's happy. He's content to just sit back and watch his big sister dance, twirl, sing...she's quite the entertainer you know...and he just eats it up! Just a laid back guy saying, "Yea, I know I'm cool" But wait...a little someone has a brand new trick to show you! {Just in time for halloween} He's also mama's little little exercise buddy pretending to FLY! This one...he's a fearless one. The higher the better for him.
Let's make a deal...promise me you'll stay little and sweet forever and I promise you I'll always make time to "fly" you on my knees, deal? Oh, how we love you Hudson!!!!
XOXO, Daddy, Mama & Grace


Sweet P Preston said...

So precious.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness Jessica - what a little ham!!

He is so super cute and I CAN NOT wait to see him this Saturday!!

See you all soon, love Amanda, Shane & Carson Ray.

Jessica said...

Thank you ladies!! Can't wait to see you Saturday! I'm so excited about the carnival :)