Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I heart bottle-brush trees

I love, love, love my little vintage bottle brush tree collection! See more of them HERE. I try to add one every year. Last year I added a pink one for Grace's room and I can't wait to find the perfect one for Hudson's room. But in the meantime...

Isn't PeTuNIa tHe PIg the cutest???!!!!!! I LoVE her! She's a vintage planter and she's carrying the sweetest little bottle brush tree, complete with a sprinkin' of vintage ornaments. She's my little treat to myself this year :) I said after the fundraiser if she was still available, I would bring her home - ha, ha, ha - and she was, so now she has a new place to call home.

So two little questions:
1. Do you collect anything for Christmas? How did your collection start?
2. I'm thinking of doing a cookie swap for Christmas. Any tips?

Have I mentioned I love Christmas...and all things vintage? :)


TaDa! Creations said...

I love those little trees too. I bought the girls a silver tinsel tree this year for their room. Someday I'd love to have a collection like yours, just don't have the space to display anything in this house. I do collect vintage felt and sequin, handmade ornaments and kits. I'm making the kiddos felt stockings right now. Hope I get them done before Christmas, but it's doubtful.

Jessica said...

Oooh, Angel! A silver tinsel tree - LoVE it!! Are you letting Allison & Emily make ornaments for "their" tree? That's one of my favorite parts with multiple trees. This year I'm going to let Grace deck hers out anyway she wants to and I can't wait to make a paper chain garland with her to decorate our big tree :)....I remember the sweet raggedy ann felt ornaments you posted about last year - those are gorgeous! I bet that's a fun collection to have!