Friday, February 12, 2010


Shortly after our fun morning playing in the snow, right about the time I was serving lunch, the little pumpkin started complaining that she didn't feel good. Luckily, the timing was perfect. Noonie stopped by on her way out of town so Grace could give her the valentine she made for her and Papa J. While Noonie was still here, Grace said her ear hurt. Thankfully Noonie was able to check Grace's ear and detect that she had the beginnings of an ear infection. Poor baby!

THANK YOU MOM for stopping by at just the right time and for not only calling in an antibiotic for Grace, but insisting on the pain drops as well because we DEFINITELY needed those tonight. This is Grace's first confirmed ear infection and she was in so much pain. My heart goes out to all my friends who have had kiddos with multiple ear infections. I can't stand to see the little ones hurting like that :(

So just about the time I get one well (Hudson), my other little munchkin comes down with something...figures. Here's to hoping it passes quickly!

And a few little pictures...

Happy Valentine's Day Noonie & Papa J! Hope you love all that glitter! Hudson was mesmerized by his card :) Thank you! Good night!


Sweet P Preston said...

Ear infections are NOT FUN!!! Sorry to hear Grace has one. Just a quick FYI on the pain ear drops. The lidocaine (or whatever is in there)will kind of numb your lip if you give her a kiss near her check/ear if a little of the drops has run out of the ear. When I was having to put them in Preston's ears, I noticed a couple of times that the corner of my lip felt tingling. Well, silly me I finally figured out the cause..the ear drops that had run out near his ear.

Hope both your munchkins fell better soon. Sweet P feels a little better everyday.

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Jessica said...

THANK YOU Julie!!!