Monday, February 15, 2010

Hudson's 1st Valentine's Day!

We had a nice Valentine's Day - Church and then lunch at a yummy seafood restaurant. The little pumpkin ate A LOT of fried catfish, I mean "chicken strips". Grace's ear infection seems to be getting better and she's no longer complaining of ear pain. Yay!

A silly breakfast of heart shaped chocolate chip pancakes and string cheese love bugs. After lunch, the littles had fun checking out their valentine goodies. Reckon at some point they'll stop wanting what the other one has??? Probably not, right? One cool chick! I don't think he was amused by the bib. I love that they're still little enought to get excited over every little thing! Hudson's favorite gift...the crinkle paper! Thinking about it...
Ooooh, that IS good! Okay, now I want my own. He was so sticky from that lollie! All the crinkle paper kept sticking to him and he just couldn't figure out how to shake it off - he, he, he.

A little love squeeeeeeeze. LOVE! My valentines! Mr. Sweet. Miss Silly. Mr. Serious. Hope you had a sweet day with your loved ones!


Heather L. said...

Cute pictures! Love their outfits. I am cracking up at the pic of Grace holding her bracelets and Hudson looking at them like, "I'm gonna get those!" It looks exactly like what goes on around here on a daily basis. Carter could care less about his own toys - he wants what his sisters have! Glad ya'll had a nice Valentine's Day!

Jessica said...

HA HA, glad I'm not alone! So how did the valentine party turn out??? :)

TaDa! Creations said...

Love those sticky lolli pics. ;)