Sunday, February 7, 2010

school treats.................................{valentine project #3}

Valentine's Day is Grace's turn to bring treats for her class party. The sign-up sheet read "valentine cookies" but I think these RiCe kRisPIeS PoPS will do the trick just fine. I've made all kinds of rice krispies treats but never put them on lollie sticks before. I think they turned out rather cute. This was Grace's first time to help me make rice krispies treats too and we had lots of fun! "It's just like play-doh, Mama!" Yummy hearts And while we were doing this a certain little someone was doing this Thank goodness for that new vibrating teether! On top of having a bad cold, he's had 4 new teeth cut through all at the same time, for a grand total of 6 little chompers.

Dipped and sprinkled and looking so pretty! So there you have it, our own version of "school cookies"...yummy, cute, and a LOT less messy than chocolate chip cookies...all for twelve giddy 2 and 3 year olds to enjoy! And coming soon... Hope you're having a great Super Bowl Sunday!


OUR WILD ZOO! said...

what a darling idea to dip in sprinkles too- I always have such a great time baking with my girls...we'll have to try this project this week.

Jessica said...

Kristin~ I checked out your blogs (fam & boutique) - what cute kiddos you have!!! Love your oldest son's name Kyler! Thanks for stopping by :)

Anonymous said...

First off, LOVE your blog! Second, I am totally going to steal this idea and make these for my son's class!!! Can you please tell me what you used to cover each that a plastic bag???? Thanks for your help!

Jessica said...

Hi, Christa,
Thanks for your sweet comment! The baggies I used to cover the treats are from Michael's (in the cake decorating aisle). They sell them in all kinds of sizes. I think I got 100 for around $4. You could definitely use small ziplocs and just cut off the seal side. I used the baker's bags because they are narrower and keep the treats in place a bit better. A hint, if you use the baker's bags, be sure to open them with your fingers first before inserting the rice krispies lollies so as to not knock off any of the sprinkles! Have fun! I'm sure your son's class will love them (and the teachers will thank you for a mess-free treat!)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Thank you so much! I will go there tomorrow.

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