Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Perfect Pair Pops + I Dig You...........{valentine project #4}

Okay, I'm back with lots of cuteness to share! I've realized I love, love, love valentine's day............not the commercial aspect of it (I'd rather receive a scribbled love note than a professional flower arrangement any day), but the cute crafts and sweet pink & red clad kiddos.

The little pumpkin and I finished some sweet valentines for the grandparents. I love crafting with Grace. The things she comes up with are just too funny!

Popping glue bubbles. Fairy dust full of sweet wishes for the recipient. Spelling out love notes... And signing her name! She's doing so good with that! First we spell it, then I have her find the letter in an alphabet, and then she'll look at it and write out her version of it. Happy (early) Valentine's Day, Mimi & Pop! "Perfect Pair" valentine treats for her school buddies. And some for family and friends. And finally, the sweet little treat bags with the cutest "I Dig You" mini shovels, adapted from this sweet craft by Family Fun found HERE. Best part, you can find the little shovels at iParty for just 40¢ each by clicking HERE!

Pink ones for the girls... and red ones for the boys! And the sweetest little polka dot whale stickers from Autumn Leah on etsy to tie it all in. Find more designs HERE. Only 4 more days 'till Valentine's Day!
Make something sweet for your loved ones!!

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