Friday, February 5, 2010

old friends

{My little roly poly has been under the weather with a yucky cold so for the most part valentine projects have been on hold to allow for lots and lots of extra cuddling time with Mama. Luckily today's doctor's visit confirmed that he does not have RSV. Thank goodness! I'll be catching up on v-day projects in the next couple of days!}

There's just something about old friends...they've been with you through so much of life's ups and downs...and they love you all the same :) This past week one of my two BFFs came to visit from New York where she's been doing her residency. Although she's seen lots of pictures, this was her first time to meet Hudson in person. Hudson has not been liking strangers here lately, but he took to Jammie right away and in spite of being under the weather really hammed it up for her :) The once shy little pumpkin is no more! She wasted no time talking "Ms. Aunt Jammie" as she called her, into reading her just one more book, pretty please???!!! We made yummy cupcakes and after the kiddos were in bed had a great time catching up with some girlie chit chat. Isn't that just the best? Those cupcakes were sooooo good, even if they were just right out of the box, that visions of sugarplums danced in my head all night and I couldn't help but enjoy a completely unhealthy, sugary sweet breakfast the next morning :) And just because she's almost 3 and wearing her siLLy PaNTs as she likes to call them, a little collage to show you what it's like taking pictures these days! Be back soon with more valentine projects to share!


Heather L. said...

So sorry that your little man is sick - Carter is sick, too, and he is miserable!

I sent you an email - just checking to see if you got it =)

Oh, and thanks - now I NEED a cupcake - YUM!

Jessica said...

Poor baby Carter :( Hope he gets to feeling better SOON! I just sent you an email - sorry so late, I'm so behind with Hudson feeling yuck. Have a great weekend!

jammiebarnes said...

Cute Pics. It was so great to finally meet Hudson. He is adorable. I had a fun time catching up. Too bad it was a short time. I told the girls at work about Ms. Aunt Jammie and they loved it. Look forward to visiting again. Happy Belated to Lance and Grace and happy early b-day to you!

Jessica said...

We were all so happy to see you! Grace is still talking about the game "Stop That" while in the car with Ms. Aunt Jammie :) Silly Pumpkin!!

Love ya!