Friday, May 21, 2010

Pancakes, Antiques, & Backyard Fun!

Our last full day in Minnesota we really crammed it all in!

Day 5
We started out the day by meeting Angel and her three beautiful kiddos atThe Original Pancake House and what a treat that was!

The girls had a blast outside as we waited for our table. By today, Grace was calling Allison & Emily "her sisters" and those three were like peas in a pod! We even had some restaurant goers ask if they were triplets - too funny! My mom took some great photos of the girls playing but she can't find her camera cord right now so I'll have to update once she finds it and I can transfer her photos.

And while the girls were playing, Angel was giving me a mini camera lesson. I had not been able to use my 50mm lens to its full potential and I was so glad she could give me some pointers so that I could learn to take photos like this one she took. Isn't Miss Emily gorgeous? I sure think so! And this little guy is such a sweetheart! As wild & crazy as they were outside, all the kids were so well behaved once inside - it was amazing! ...or maybe they had run all their energy off by then? ;) Hmmm...which pancakes do I want? Oh, my! I have to tell you - the pumpkin pancakes were DIVINE! The Original Pancake House really puts IHOP to shame.

After breakfast Angel took us to some fun antiques shop downtown for a little shopping. The second shop we stopped at was like a mini antiques mall and we found so many wonderful treasures! Here are some of mine: I don't know why but the little sock monkey-like doll reminds me of "the elf on the shelf" and so I think I'll call him my elf ;) I couldn't believe Angel found that vintage Strawberry Shortcake alarm clock for me - love the pink & red!!

When I stumbled upon this pink polka dot box of straws I knew I had to get it - so cute with my other vintage party stuff. But I think my favorite is this vintage addition box!!! It works too! You just turn the little wooden dowels on the side and voila! I know the little pumpkin and I are going to have fun with it! The only good picture I have from our shopping is this one of my mom in front of the "jackpot store" as we nicknamed it. Isn't she beautiful? And even more, she's beautiful inside and out. I love this picture of her! It makes me think of an author's picture in a book so now I think she needs to write something and get it published so she can use this picture! Later that day Angel had us over for dinner once again - yummy spaghetti in case you're wondering ;)...told you she was a great hostess! After dinner we had the most wonderful time in the backyard. Gorgeous sunset, amazing setting and beautiful, giggly little children. Ahhh - it was the perfect ending to a fun weekend.

Here are some shots from all that fun in her backyard...

Beautiful Sisters Silly girlies Best buddies Wait for me, Sam! Pure Joy. Daddy's Girl. I'll always be here for you. Weeee! Yup! That's my little pumpkin! Gentle soul. On the go! Angel was kind enough to take some photos for us. These are some of my favorites!

My little guy!!! Noonie and Grace My two little munchkins! Mother - Daughter - Grandkids Trip 2010 Virginia-59, Jessica-32, Grace-3, Hudson-10 mo. - May, 2010.

You know how sometimes you have an image in your mind of what someone is like even before you meet them...the Eagen family is that and more.
They are Beautiful. Loving. Sincere.
And she may have felt a Mary & Martha moment, but what I felt when we were there was simply this: Love lives here.

Ah, the little pumpkin's dress! Oh my, the dress! It needs a post all its own - you'll see why. Stay tuned - it's coming soon...


TaDa! Creations said...

Oh my goodness, you've got me crying girl! And I agree 100%, your mom is beautiful inside and out. As are you my sweet friend. Thank you so much for going out on a limb and spending your annual trip with us.

p.s. LOVE that pic with Sam drinking from the straw at the table. What a BIG boy he is getting to be. *sniff*

Amber said...

What a sweet post! You can see all the fun everyone had in these pictures! And I am in love with that clock!!!!

Virginia said...

Dear Daughter:
Your words about me are so sweet... they fill my heart with joy!
I really like that picture of me that you took. Hmmm... maybe I should think seriously about writing a book.
I love our annual trips! So many beautiful memories...

Jessica said...

I meant every word.

Angel - you guys were amazing! Thank you so much!

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