Saturday, May 22, 2010

so much more than just a dress...

When we arrived in Minnesota, Angel surprised me with this gorgeous dress for the little pumpkin!!!
I knew she was making her a dress but I had no idea what it was going to look like. When I first saw it I was speechless. Not only does it incorporate 3 of my favorite things:

1. Moda Swell in blue - perhaps my favorite fabric ever! 2. That sweet three little pigs Japanese import fabric. I heart Japanese imports. 3. Hand embroidery! It also has a special sweet something that truly makes it one of a kind. Wanna know what it is???

Knowing what an impact my grandpa had in my life and how much I love him and miss him dearly (see HERE), Angel hand embroidered this sweet sentiment to the inside of the bodice: In spanish no less! Sneaky Sneaky! I think she had a little help from Noonie :)

That sweet sentiment for Grace reads:
In loving memory of my great grandpa

I can tell you this is one dress that will stay in our family FOREVER!

THANK YOU ANGEL! I really have no words to tell you how much that dress means to me. Every time I see the little pumpkin wearing it I will think of my sweet grandpa, Mi Abuelito.


Em said...

Awesome job, Angel! That dress is adorable!

Amber said...

What a special dress! Angel is the best!!! I love the little embroidered pig wearing the apron favorite next to the sweet inside of the bodice!

Spears said...

wow! that is one special dress. I love how the Internet, and blogging, creates special friendships :) Beautiful pictures from your trip!

The England Family said...

So, So, Special! I love it!

Mary Beth said...

That is soo sweet! What an adorable dress!! What a sweet friend you have to make something so special!

Also, I am in love with Grace's wardrobe!! MG could use a few pieces out of it!! Do you make it yourself or buy it?

Jessica said...

I can't say it enough - I love, love, love that dress!!! You guys be sure to check out Angel's blog (TaDa Creations on my sidebar). She and her sewing partner Amy are opening shop once again this Summer/Fall. Love her stuff!

Amber~ the girl pig wearing the apron dress is my favorite one out of the three :)

Mary Beth~ Thanks! I wish I made all of Grace's clothes :) When it comes to sewing, I'm still pretty new at it. My mom sews for Grace. Angel (TaDa Creations) has sewn a bunch of stuff for Grace, and I buy a lot of sweet pieces on etsy too. I do plan on selling some of her outgrown stuff (fall clothing) toward the end of summer. If you'd like, I can add you to my list.

Mary Beth said...

yes please do!! I can't wait for Angle's store to re-open! My email is!

puzo2352 said...

LOVE this dress !!! Beautiful work :O) My daughter is turning one in a few months and I am doing the Three Little Pigs as the theme. I would love do do something like this do you know where I could find a embroidery pattern for the Little dancing pigs .
My email is
Thank you

Jessica said...

Hi, Lindy,
Oooh, the 3 Little Pigs are my fave!!!

This particular embroidery is tweaked (to make two of the pigs girls) from Aunt Martha's Transfers #3743, Personality Pigs. I have this transfer set & I bought mine at JoAnn Fabrics. You can also order online (amazon, etsy, etc).

Can't wait to see your party pics!!! I LOVE vintage + book based themes! :)

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