Monday, April 25, 2011

popsicle not included {Lulu & Co.}

For Laura R....Doesn't it make you want to kick off your flip flops and run through the sprinklers......eating a popsicle while singing "you are my sunshine..."Hope your little ray of sunshine enjoys it, Laura R.!


Queen of Good Intentions said...

Once again, I am inspired! Love it! After a long weekend, I needed some inspiration to keep on keeping on. Summer is so close! It seems there is so much to do. Your posts always encourage me. When I see all the fun you're having creating such fun memories I know it is worth all the work. Now off to make some cute summer T's.

Anonymous said...

Oh thank you again Jessica and Virginia! I received the cutest little tee in the mail today:)

Anonymous said...

YIPPEEEE.......I can't wait to see it! Do you think you can be too old to wear a Tee with yo yo's? I really LOVE them:) Thanks Jessica and Noonie:)

Jessica said...

Andrea~ I'm waiting on Noonie to make one for Grace too! he he he

Laura~ Yay! I'm so glad you like it!!! Such a fun color combo for spring & summer!