Wednesday, April 6, 2011

she's here, She's Here, SHE'S HERE!!!

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Noonie made it home yesterday afternoon!!! After being gone for 2 weeks, the littles were more than excited to welcome Noonie home! Me too! Noonie went to Puerto Rico to visit family and take care of my sweet grandma while my Uncle Pedro & Aunt Isa went on a 30th wedding anniversary trip to Peru. We missed you sooooo much, Noonie! And we're so happy to have you by our side once again!Welcome Home, Noonie!!!


Anonymous said...

Priceless pictures!!!

Virginia said...

Thanks for the great welcoming reception!!!!!!!! The hugs, kisses, and plain happiness in the kids faces was priceless! When I travel back home and back here my heart is always torn. It is very hard having family that you love soooooo much in places so distant one from the other!
Lovingly, Mom/Noonie

Jenni said...

so sweet! This makes my heart smile.

coolkids said...

oh my goodness I love how happy they are!! too cute.

Natalia said...

so sweet. welcome back Noonie:)