Sunday, May 15, 2011

chomp! chomp!

Can't believe this school year is coming to an end! Last week Grace's preK class took their longest field trip to a GATOR PARK, no less! It was sooo hot and humid, but the littles didn't mind one bit. Now this mama...well, that's a whole other story. I felt like I was on some wild excursion...lame, I know...because I know nothing about camping or "roughing it". All I know is I'm so NOT a camping kind of girl. Not crazy about hot + humid + gators + swamps...I mean, can you imagine being on a little boat and all of a sudden seeing this. Ahhhhhh! I bet he's thinking, "Crazy camera lady, come an inch closer and I'll snap that finger right off!" And why is he so blue looking??? Feeding Time Frenzy!This one was like the mafia boss - no one messed with him! He used the other gators like stepping stones to get higher and higher. Definitely the Jaws of the swamp. So glad the feeding show was over and we could move on to less intense the old fashion water pump......and the {safe} farm animals :) All in all, a very fun day for the KIDS! And thankfully we made it home with all fingers, toes, and limbs intact. Yes, I would NEVER get picked for Survivor!

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Amber said...

Not my kind of field trip :) but G looked like she enjoyed herself :)