Tuesday, May 10, 2011

mother's day weekend - part I

We celebrated Mother's Day with Mimi, Lexi & Jade (Lance's mom, sister & niece) Saturday night by going out to eat at a Hibachi grill - yum!We knew it would be a late night for us so we gave the littles baths before we left...after getting Hudson ready and while helping Grace, I kept calling for Hudson but he wouldn't come. Uh-oh, silence usually means trouble, right?

I found him in a corner of our bedroom like this:
CAUGHT! he he he...he had gotten into the mini marshmallows and to soften the blow of being caught red handed offered me one, "heeere". This time Grace was scared of the fire/grill in general and Hudson couldn't get enough of it - go figure! Grace stuck to Mimi like glue! Not even the sushi was enough to coax the little pumpkin out of Mimi's lap for dinner!Grace giving Mimi a very special gift... Our best attempt at a pic with both grandkids in it! Happy Mother's Day, Mimi & Lexi!!!