Thursday, May 5, 2011

mother's day brunch {school edition}

I could pretty much sum it up in 5 words:
I boo-hoo'd like a baby.As if you couldn't tell from all my posts lately, I've been hit with a bad case of "how did my littles get so big all of a sudden"...yes, I've been a sentimental mess. So even though I'd promised myself I wouldn't cry, as soon as I walked in and saw this, I lost it. Her sweet teachers had gone above and beyond to make the Mother's Day Brunch extra special for all of us moms.

As soon as I walked in, the little pumpkin gave me the sweetest bear hug and then grabbed my hand and quickly pulled me to go see one of my surprises:
Isn't it sooo cute {+ funny too!}??? As I was taking her picture she was telling me, "Mama, did you see I made your earrings match the polka dots in your dress? And did you see I gave you fancy shoes? Don't you love them? I know you do!" YES, yes I do!!! But what's with the big clown nose and yellow nailpolish - he he he! Love, love, love kids' art!

And there were more sweet surprises like this one...
...and this one:
{who needs fancy bouquets??? I'll take these over store-bought any day!} After taking our individual pictures, it was time for the program. Aren't they so sweet all lined up? The always funny "Hi, mom!" :) Sweet kisses......and "I love you's" And even more sweet surprises! And then..........the sweetest surprise ever! Just as we thought we were wrapping it up after brunch, Mrs. Bryan said the kids were going to a "kid meeting" and the mamas to a "mom meeting"...okay??

We walked into a dark classroom with a huge screen set up. She had a video for us moms! A video collage of pictures of every event, project, field trip and so much more from the very first day of school until now. Our babies growing up right before our very eyes!

Talk about boo-hooing...but I wasn't the only one!

All the love put into this Mother's Day program amazes me...the gorgeous hydrangeas, the delicious brunch, the cute songs, the surprise video, all the sweet gifts from the kids...this mama's love tank left on overflow!
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU MRS. BRYAN & MRS. PETERSON for making my Mother's Day so incredibly special!


Tasha Horsley said...

what a sweet picture of you and grace! i just love grace's dress too. do you make her clothes? do you have favorite etsy sellers?

happy mothers day!

Virginia said...

Grace is so blessed in so many ways... and one of them is being able to attend such a special program and to have great teachers. It amazes me the full program , lessons, field trips, etc.that they put together; and on top of that, how they organize special treats for the parents, such as this beautiful Mothers' Day surprise.
However, my dear daughter Jessica, I believe that Grace's and Hudson's greatest blessing is having you as their mother.

Unknown said...

That is so sweet! How wonderful the school does that for the moms. My kids' old school used to host a mother's day tea, which was lovely. This year they're at a new school where not much fuss was made over the holiday. too bad. :(

Jessica said...

@ Tasha~ Wish I could say "yes, I do!" but I don't :( I'm still learning when it comes to sewing. My mom sews for Grace and my fave etsy sellers are:
TaDa! Creations
Amazing Gracie
Bridget & Co.
and probably others that I'm forgetting right now!!!

@ Mom~ Thank you!! Love you too!

@ Sadaf~ I love the sweet school programs - maybe you can help them put one together at the new school! he he he :)