Sunday, May 15, 2011

weekend shananigans

You know it's going to be a fun, lazy, cAreFREe weekend when it starts off with these:Yes, when Lance made it home from work on Friday, we were hiding and as soon as he opened the front door we GOT HIM! he he he He was a great sport and wasted no time seizing our weapons and returning fire.

I've enlisted the help of one of my VIPs to try and save my potted plants. I'm so NOT a green thumb. So wish I was!
This shirt says it all...I think we're ready for school to be over and for the summer fun to begin! And in true man-in-training form, he soon lifted his shirt to scratch his belly...he he he...only cute on little ones! We made these for no reason at all except all the ingredients were in the pantry already. I had the cutest baking assistants, but somehow our smores' "roofs" kept disappearing...
Y-U-M-M-Y! And someone has finally broken the "Noooooooo" streak and started saying "Yes".
Are you a stinky boy? "Yaz"
Do you like movies? "Yaaazzz!"
So hard to resist that sweet little face! And it's a good thing he likes to ride in the car because...We finally booked our annual Mother-Daughter-Grands Trip! This year we're sticking close to home and going to Sea World! The littles will LOVE that!And opinions needed...Disney with a 2 1/2 year old...Yay, do it, do it!...or...Nay, wait another year?


Louley's Belles said...

We took Sophie when she was not quite two and it was pretty crazy. We enjoyed it but the next time was better when she was 3 and Lily was 6.

TaDa! Creations said...

LOVE the water-gun fight! What a fun memory for the kiddos to grow up with.

We took the girls the first time, when they were 2. That was NOT a fun trip. We only went to one park and for just 1.5 hours. At least their admission was free.

Last year was much better when they were 5 and Sam was just 2. Having one 2 year old, instead of twin 2-yr olds seemed like a breeze. But Sam is also very laid back. Not a single tantrum or crabbiness from missing a nap (unlike the girls 3 years before). The drive was the most difficult part this time.

Grace is at the perfect age and if Hudson is a good traveler and easy-going I think he could do just fine, especially since you have one parent per child.

But maybe also look at height requirements for rides and if Grace doesn't meet enough to make it worth it (if she'd be really disappointed to miss certain ones), wait a little longer.

Queen of Good Intentions said...

I took my oldest to Disney for a special "Princess" trip. We loved being alone to do all girly things. I kept looking at all the little ones throwing fits because they were exhausted and kept thinking I am so glad I left my little one at home. I think it would be hard to take a girl and a boy together because so many things are gender specific. The boy things seem a little older than the girl things i.e. Star Wars and Pirates vrs. Princesses- I do however say go while they still believe in Princesses and Mickey. Also I would plan way out. Our favorite thing was the Character dining. You have to make those reservations months out. Just a warning the last time we visited Sea World in TX (2yrs ago)- it was a little run down. The shows are great but kids park was broken in many areas. My two year old cried hard when we had to leave the water park side. Plan for lots of time in the water park if you are going to the TX park.

Lori Beth said...

We just returned from Seaworld yesterday! Everyone had an amazing time. Loved the Bay of Play and "shampoo" :) We are waiting another year for Disney; mine our 3 and 18m currently.

Sweet P Preston said...

we went to Sea World 2 summers ago, Preston was 11mon. We went in July and it was HOT! I know it is hot here, but there is not a lot of shade if you go to the one in San Antonio, and all that concrete = hot. I had purchased clip on fans for the stroller before we went (one for Carson and one for Preston). We loved the shows. We stayed at the Hilton, that had shuttle service to and from Sea World but you are a little ways away from the Riverwalk and Alamo (but not too far). So much to do in that part of Texas! Have fun.

We are hopefully going to go to Disney in a couple of years, when Preston will really enjoy the characters, rides, and make lasting memories!

Have fun planning!

Carol said...

Mmmmm those S'mores look yummy!! That is something I have not yet made with my and I knooowww they would love them!! :)

We don't live too far from Sea World but have not been yet...that sounds like a blast, cannot wait to read your blog about it!!

My grands are a boy, 4 (almost 5 )~ Payton and a little girl, 2, Adleigh!! I CANNOT wait to take them to Disney...I think though we will wait until Adleigh is at least 3 or 3 1/2...I think Payton will still loooove everything just as much even though he will be almost 6!!

If you have time, stop by my blog!! We also love to plan birthday parties for our babies etc... :)

Beth said...

We just took our 6 1/2 and 2 1/2 year old with a group of friends and family in March. They had so much fun...and to tell you the truth I think the adults had just as much fun. There are many things you may want to think about like doing the disney dining plan (highly recomend and book 6 mo in advance), take a good light weight stroller or sit n stand and take a cooler with extra drinks and snacks during the day (it's allowed) and always plan out ahead what parks you are going to on what days and when the shows are to break up the heat. And have fun!!!

K Dee said...

We are regulars at Sea World San Antonio and we were just at there about a month ago in April. Just wanted you to know, that the park was the cleanest and best we have seen it. The Sesame Street Bay of Play is really cool and super cute for little ones!! There are several nice hotels in the area (check out the FABULOUS JW Marriott)
We took our sweet girl to Disney at five ~ perfect age!
Love your blog