Monday, May 2, 2011

ZAP!...and other random musings

I'd like to know who zapped my 4 year old with a 5-year fast-forward potion...
Doesn't she look so grown up in these pics???
I'm blaming it on her hair being parted the wrong way (recital requirement) and the smidgen of leftover makeup after dance recital pictures.

The attitude...that's all hers.
Actually, she was trying to show me she could wink ;)

Happy 5th Birthday, Ruby!
Grace had a great time at your party!And since the time machine has gone haywire around here, how about a step back in prehistoric times...Last week was the Dinosaur Unit at the little pumpkin's preschool and she was so proud of her dinosaur shadowbox. Cute, cute!And this little fella was a bit under the weather this past week...yet another chest cold and everlasting cough :( He stayed home from Mother's Day Out and when I dropped off the little pumpkin after school, I found he and Noonie like this:
Doesn't he have the best seat in town??!!

Noonie said he wouldn't nap with all the coughing so she held him and he kept wiggling around until he found a comfy spot for a catnap. Thank you Noonie & Mimi for being the best grandmas a kid could ever hope for! {that is except my grandma} *wink*

Happy Monday!


Kris said...

I know...they grow up SO fast! We were over visiting our grands yesterday, and as I was looking at Hannah, our oldest, I was thinking the same thing. WHERE has time gone, and how did she get so grown up all of a sudden! But what an honor to get to be here in our grandkids every day lives to witness all of it. You are very fortunate to have not only such loving and involved grandparents for the kids, but also to have them so near you. We feel so blessed to be able to be so near our grands as well. Life is good!!!

Sarah said...

Yes, they do grow fast. It's a love/hate relationship. As they age, they get more fun, but it's always sad to look at old photos and wonder where the time has gone :)

Unknown said...

What a cute idea for those dinosaurs - or any other little plastic toys. We have so many of those things sitting around. I might have to borrow this for a home craft project!

Love your blog! You're very creative.


Jessica said...

Kris~ that is SUCH a blessing!

Sarah~ I agree completely!

Sadaf~ Thank you!!