Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hudson's last day of MDO

Today was Hudson's last day of Mother's Day Out. I guess this is the time of the year when everyone starts pondering the same thing, but my goodness, how time flies!

This was him at not quite 15 months old...all "baby", and now at 23 months...100% little boy!
(and yes, still not interested in looking at mama's camera - HA!) Although we did the whole Teacher Appreciation Week not too long ago, I still wanted to send his sweet teachers a heartfelt note and a little something to thank them for a great year with my jumping/ running/ climbing little I went with Sonic gift cards because who doesn't love a Sonic slush???!Hudson had the best time today! His MDO program rented two inflatable bounce houses and had happy meals for all the kiddos. We sent home a simple & sweet treat for all his friends: PoPSicLes! little bundles of 4 because popsicles are one of Hudson's favorite things in the whole wide world! One of the moms took this pic of Hudson and I this morning as I was dropping him off...My baby boy is growing up **sniff, sniff**

Thank goodness he still has another year in the
"baby school" as we like to call it in our family. Can't wait for him to meet Mrs. Maria and Mrs. Patti, the
2 y/o teachers, this Fall!


Ashley said...

I love Hudson's navy blue and red outfit from Target (I love that place)! My son, Parker, got that same outfit for his first birthday. (Which happened to be a Dr. Seuss themed party, which is how I found your blog when I was researching ideas!) I love reading your blog and all the cute things you do for even just little parties. It has inspired me to get more crafty! I am a teacher so I can't wait to do more this summer!

Kelli said...

Love the popsicle idea...I may have to use it next year.

Queen of Good Intentions said...

I am going to copy your popsicle idea next year. The water bottles I sent were very heavy to carry into the school. I love the simple inexpensive token! So so cute!!! I love stealing all your neat ideas! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your blog. You are so creative and have such wonderful ideas! What did you print your cute notes on for the otter pops?

Jessica said...

Amber~ I LOVE Target...always get in trouble when we're in there :)

Andrea~ I bet the water bottles were so cute though! :)

The popsicles were a big hit...funny how it's always the simplest of things that the kiddos like the best! Oh and I printed the labels on full page Avery labels and just cut to size. Easy peasy.