Monday, October 10, 2011

Ahoy, Matey!

This fun party could not have come at a better time. Grace is ALL about pirates right now. I have Jake and the Never Land Pirates to thank for that...actually, make that Izzy from Jake and the Never Land Pirates. But she doesn't want to be just a pirate, she wants to be a pirate princess for halloween - that's my girly girl, alright!This little guy was pretty excited to go to Julien's birthday party too!He had the best time playing with Julien's little brother Will. Isn't he a cutie? LOVE those curls!He LOVED walking the plank between the two pirate ships...yes, over and over and over...There's that cute birthday boy! Ahoy, Captain Julien!And that little fish he was holding...yep, there were lots of little fishermen at his party. Some have no use at all for nets and prefer to just dive right in...wonder who that could be??And then there was the zip cord...Ready...Set...GO!Growing fearless by the minute... The booty was buried under this pirate ship - love it!! Hudson wasn't too sure about the patch - HA!Time for presents! Grace loves art and she loves drawing cards for people. I love seeing what she comes up with. Check out "Julien" on the front of the card :)Look at these two cuties!! That's Grace's new classmate Layla and her big sis. Love their costumes!!I love this picture of Julien...look how he's beaming at his sweet mama!Happy Birthday to you...Make a {BIG} wish!And look who LOOOOOOOVES cake ;)Making sure not to miss a single crumb...Happy 5th Birthday, Captain Julien!
Your party was SO.MUCH.FUN!



Virginia said...

Looks like it was a very fun party. What a great theme for a boy that age!
I love Grace's hand-made cards! She puts a lot of thought and details into them.
I'm surprised that Hudson didn't jump right in -in the fishes' pool
(or did you have to hold him back?)!

Jessica said...

You know Hudson ended up partially in that fishy pool!!! :) They both had a blast - super fun party!