Saturday, October 8, 2011

destination: fall fest!

I think most of the elementary schools in the area take their littles to our annual fall festival. It is by far one of my favorite field trips.

Grace insisted on dressing herself...I actually like this combination! Here's to my little budding fashionista!

{and yuck to the stuff growing in the corner of the bus - Eeek!}
Happy Birthday, Mrs. Petterson!This was a new booth this year. They had a version of cakewalk/musical chairs. When the music stopped, they called out a number and the child on that number got to pick one of the STAY HEALTHY letters to turn over, then they all did whatever exercise was behind the letter, like "run in place for 10 seconds" - too cute!This was a 3-part booth. Here they are in "Clean Hands"...they stamped their hands with some glow in the dark "germs" and they got to walk through a cleaning chamber where they could see the germs {they LOVED this}, then wash their hands, and have them checked under the special light - Look mama, NO GERMS!The last activity in this booth was about healthy eating. They each had their own "plate" and they selected their favorite foods in each food group to stamp onto their plates. Love it! Up next...sand art!Always a favorite...face painting!Meow, Meow...Grace and her new friend Layla, who just joined our class this week.I think for as long as this festival has been around, this booth has been in existence and it's always a favorite among the little ones. A chain grocer sets up a mock grocery store where little ones shop for items on their list. Grace, Kate & Layla were quite the shoppers!A few more stops and it was time to call it a day! What a fun field trip!! Can't wait for Hudson's turn!

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