Saturday, October 1, 2011

play & learn...and hello, October!

This post is just a bunch of random school pics and friend pics from the last couple of memories for the littles to look back on.

While we were in Minnesota, we missed pajama day, the Pink & Purple Picnic at the Purple Park and her class' first field trip of the year...the little pumpkin was so bummed, but once she saw all the fun places we we were there to explore, she perked right up. So last week's field trip to the pretzel store owned by her friend Lovi's dad was officially our first one for the year.
Perfect way to wrap up "P Week"...Preschool Buddies...Paityn, Grace, Lovi, Kennedy, Saahil, Caroline, Bennett, Reese, Solomon, & Julien. We missed you Kate & Mary Stephens!
Standing by her self-portrait at the beginning of school...Telling me all about her monster..."Googi is green and kind of round, even his hands and feet are round. He's a silly monster and likes to laugh really loud."Activities from the first weekly take-home pack...Pocket Day"Mama, posing starts with a P too. Let me show you." Oh dear. Hanging out with her sweet friends from last year at Isabella's birthday party. These sweet girls are a year older and in kindergarten this year. Grace talks about how she misses her "old friends" all the time so she was really excited to see them all together.Giggles all around...cupcakes are f-u-n-n-y when you're 4 and 5.Happy 5th Birthday, Isabella!And right after Isabella's party we went home, did a quick switcheroo, and then all 4 of us went to Hayden's TransFOURmers birthday party. Hayden's mama Bridgette is one of my dear friends.The littles had fun pretending to be robots...hmmm, maybe not so much Hudson?Hayden wanted me to make him a birthday hat - such a sweet boy - so I was happy to oblige!Fun, Fun!And oh my, is this what it's going to be like in 12-15 years when she starts dating??? Lance and I both had a glimpse into the future...we are so not ready for that!First time behind the wheel......for both of them!Happy 4th Birthday, Hayden!This has been one super busy birthday month. Today we went to Parker's 6th the bowling alley, for glow-in-the-dark bowling! Grace was super excited and Hudson wasn't too sure about the whole was his first time to bowl too!Happy 6th Birthday, Parker!!

After we got home, the little pumpkin insisted she just had to go with me to Michael's while I looked for gold-leaf pumpkins. Don't ask me how but this crazy-looking, tinsel-covered cat came home with us..."Mama, he is just the cutest kitty cat ever! Isn't he beautiful?" Uhhhhhh...yes, yes he of a kind {at least I escaped the glitter-covered crows}.She was hilarious. She insisted we put him outside "where everyone can see him really good".And then she just had to give him a kiss goodnight before going inside. Whaaaaat???? Oh, just please don't end up a little old lady with 50 cats, 'kay?As for me, I'm so happy it's O-C-T-O-B-E-R!!Bring on the pumpkins!

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Virginia said...

I love the orange cat! He is sooo cute! And by the way that Grace is hugging it, I can tell that he is very special to her. Good job, Jess, by letting her have it: those are special memories in the making. I'll bet that she will remember that orange cat forever.
Now, what is Hudson's special Halloween thing this year...? Oh,
I just remembered: the Halloween Mr. Potato Head!
By the way, I love their matching fall outfits in the previous blog entry.
Love, Noonie