Monday, October 31, 2011

haPPy haLLoWeeN!!!

Can you tell they were soooo ready to go trick-or-treating???Miss Pirate PrincessMister Fire-spitting Dragon {cue sound effect}Love you, Noonie! {we missed you, Papa J!}Love you Mimi & Pop!Our little family {crazy expressions and all}...Grrrrrowl!Sweetest little pirate girl I ever saw!Oh my, I just about died when I saw this picture on my computer. Notice how Grace is holding Hudson back, sort of like, "don't you dare..." he he he. Welllll...the first house we trick-or-treated at, Hudson just walked on in like he owned the place and sat down in their little kid-sized recliner. He just plopped his little body down and started looking around to see what he could play with!!!! Lance and I were so embarassed!! Lance had to go on in and get him! HA!A sleepy little dragon with fistfuls of candy!!!Fun times......but we had to watch this little guy - he wanted to walk away with the pumpkins!!!As much as this little pumpkin talked about trick-or-treating, it was passing out candy that she loved best!Thank you Mimi & Pop for having us over, for dinner, and for all the yummy treats!!Happy Boo Day!

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