Tuesday, October 4, 2011

tiny window

Today I snuck away from work to have lunch with my favorite 4 year old...the look on her face when she saw me standing by the cafeteria door as her class marched down the hall, single file and all, was priceless!I figure I only have a tiny window of opportunity before it won't be "cool" to have mom sit next to you at lunch, so in the meantime, I'm revelling in the joy on her face and her sweet "Mama!!!!!!!!" as she came running to me. It's the little things....And oh my goodness, I love this sweet picture ^ I snapped yesterday morning right after she woke up, when she spotted the cupcakes I made for her class. Nothing fancy, but made with lots of love. Sorry for the flashy, odd-colored pictures. I miss my old camera.It's the little things...


Stevie said...

So cute! Where'd you get your cakestand?

Jessica said...

Hi, Stevie~

It's part of our everyday dishware...Casafina, the Impressions line. We have a mix of the mocha & robin's egg blue pieces - LOVE THEM!