Thursday, November 3, 2011

for all the pinkalicious-lovin' little girls out there...

Sorry for the on-the-go pic, Liz! It's even cuter in person! I just know you needed it quickly and I wanted to get it out to you asap...I forgot to photograph it at home before we left for the post office! Good thing is, it should be there TODAY!

Happy Birthday to your sweetie!

And coming up...a fun little project that has me smiling from ear to ear and thinking all things, "fox" :) :) :)

And how about 2 random I'm craving pumpkin pancakes from {here} and a salted caramel mocha from {here} of course.

P.S. Oh my!!! I just looked up the calorie info. on that mocha and it's 330 for a tall! Whaaaaaat???? No more salted caramel mochas for me :(


Unknown said...

I love it!!! my daughter is going to go nuts when she see it..

thanks so much


Cricket said...

the hat is precious!! Salted mocha frappucinos are my absolute fav right now!! love love love!!!

TaDa! Creations said...

Oh, I can help with the pancakes! I'll go eat some for you real soon. ;)

Love that hat!

Amber said...

Can't wait to get a peek at that fox shirt!!

Jessica said...

Thanks guys!

I'm so jealous, Angel!!! :)