Sunday, November 6, 2011

our week...

...the busier, the better, right? At least that's what I've been telling myself these past few weeks. But I'm secretly hoping for a little lull in the busyness. Maybe after this Tuesday... Tuesday is our big fundraiser for the nonprofit I run. Hoping to raise lots of $ for child abuse victims. So if I make it these next couple of days I think I'll take a day to hibernate and catch up on some zzzz's.

This little guy was sick all week. Took him to the doctor on Monday... diagnosis: croup. Poor thing sounded like a seal all week long. No MDO for him this week and I think he was getting a case of cabin fever. A little impromptu, mid-week ice cream date sure made things better.
This little pumpkin earned her swimming key and she's now in the Advanced Preschool class! Still with Miss Megan, her favorite teacher so she was super excited. Way to go, Grace!Up super early for the annual Donuts with Dad breakfast at preschool. Hudson wanted in on the pic too. So sweet in his jammies and since Lance took the little pumpkin to school I was able to sneak in an extra snuggle session with my little guy who was feeling much better :)Friday was super busy. Right after Donuts, it was time for a field trip. Noonie stayed with Hudson so that I could go with Grace for a couple of hours. Thank you, Noonie! Here they are learning all about nutrition and digestion...Hands-on it! Part of their weekly unit was about pets. I love these fun block pets they made.Saturday we celebrated Kennedy's 5th Birthday. Grace loves Kennedy to pieces. This is their second year in school together and they are so silly and funny when they're together. Kennedy had a Candyland themed birthday, complete with an old-fashioned cake walk and an ice-cream cone relay. Fun times!Happy 5th Birthday, Kennedy! Right after church I had to head to work to finish working on some last minute details for the fundraiser. When I got home I was beat. So I declared it upside-down day and made pumpkin pancakes for dinner from {this} yummy recipe and a pumpkin pie to send to school tomorrow with the little pumpkin for a little taste test as part of their Native Americans/Pilgrims/Thanksgiving unit. My littles LOVE upside-down day, they get the biggest kick out of it.

We're working on table manners...hmmmm, guess we need a few more lessons on napkin placement, right? HA! Lance was telling Grace where to put her napkin if she had to get up from the table during dinner and Hudson decided he had a better spot for it. I couldn't stop laughing at Hudson's
"jacket napkin". And yes, his hair and shirt are perfectly coated with equal parts maple syrup and whipped cream.
Between my sweet boy's "I lot (love) you, Mama" and the little pumpkin's sweet whispered prayer tonight, "I'm thankful for Mama...she makes the best everything", my love tank is full and I'm ready to give it my all these next two days to raise money for littles who experience hurts no child should ever know.

Would love your prayers for a great event on Tuesday.

Have a great week!


Amber said...

What a fun & busy post!!! Love the fox shirt on G :) Love H jacket napkin...hehe. What a fun party Kennedy had!

Carrie said...

LOVE the Candyland cake! I always loved the cake walks at my school picnic when I was little.