Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Noonie's home!!!

To say we missed Noonie these past two weeks would be such an understatement. All I can say is WOOHOO, we're so glad she's home!!!

We made a poster to welcome her at the airport, but at the sight of Noonie, both littles dropped the poster and just RAN!
After that first bear hug, the little pumpkin quickly retrieved the poster from the ground and held it proudly for Noonie to see...More sweet hugs...And then, of course, an explanation of all the little drawings on the poster :)Noonie was so sweet to bring the littles some special surprises from her trip. The littles are still young enough to not really associate trips with souvenirs {I LOVE THAT!} and so they were super excited to receive gifts on an otherwise ordinary day...Hudson is ALL about lions right now! As in, I have to put lion stickers on his hippo diapers just to get him to wear them...yes, that much into lions.ThAnK YoU, Noonie for all the fun goodies - the littles are excited to wear their pj's tonight and they've been playing all day with their stickers, notebooks, dinosaurs & little doll.

We missed you so much & we're so glad you're home!



Virginia said...

What a lovely "Welcome Home" banner!!! All the love associated with it makes me feel really welcomed back. Those hugs with the "I really missed you, Noonie" from both Grace and Hudson (and from you too, Jessica!) fill my heart so much that I feel like it is overflowing with love. What a wonderful feeling! Thanks a lot!

Supermom said...

So cute! I call my kids my littles too :). People think I am nuts....

Abigail said...

Lijepe riječi, lijepe slike, lijepe poruke. Božić je u srcu, a ne u novčaniku.

Jessica said...

We were so excited to see you, Noonie!

Supermom~ HA! That's too funny! People probably think the same about me :)

Emanuel Abigail~ Thank you for your sweet message. I was able to translate it online and I completely agree with you, Christmas is definitely in your heart and not your wallet! Something we should all always remember!

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