Tuesday, November 1, 2011

jeggins + jack-o-lanterns

This little pumpkin of mine has definite likes and dislikes when it comes to clothes. This was one of our recent conversations..."Jeans??? NOOOO! I don't like jeans. I like skirts. And I love dresses. And I looooove pink!" It's {finally} starting to consistently be a bit cooler so
The Battle of the Jeans is now in full force. Compromise: jeggins. "Jeggins...ha ha THAT is a funny word, Mama!"Thankfully this little guy has no opinion at all whatsoever about what you put on him. Except shoes. He likes to wear shoes...all the time.Thanks for the cute jack-o-lantern sweater, Michelle!This past Friday, IHOP was celebrating halloween by giving kids free scary face pancakes and since we loooove pancakes we had to make a special lunch trip to IHOP right after the little pumpkin's school halloween party.It was really cute and my littles loved it. They gave the littles the mini oreos and candy corn in a tiny container so they could decorate their own pancakes.Boo! Hope your halloween was sPoOktaCUlaR!!


Cara Harpin said...

Oh my goodness! That is the SAME battle going on at my house. She only wants to wear twirly dresses. (preferably pink or purple). Ugh.

Karen said...

Awesome pancakes and love the pumpkin sweater!

Caroline said...

We did the same IHOP deal too. Your children are adorable.

Stevie said...

Jeggings are the best! Adorable outfits! Yum pumpkin pancakes.

Jessica said...

@Cara - I'm glad to know I'm not the only one with a head-strong, pink lovin' little princess! And yes, the twirl factor wins out every time! :)

Thanks ladies....Now I'm craving pumpkin pancakes...YUM!!!!